Recently, I have been following a lot of events that made me uneasy about the future of both GNU/Linux and Free Software in general. Normally I have been an observer in these events, but I found that I have formed pretty coherent set of ideas, feelings and preferences for the future evolution of these things.

As a result, I've found myself inside many discussions about these topics, and I came out pretty unimpressed and disappointed about the current state of things. In a sense I have been disillusioned and found out that many fundamental aspects I support and defend is either misunderstood or dismissed as useless.

Experiencing this, and trying to put my ideas forward has drained me beyond my comfort zone, and more importantly somewhat impaired my capacity to function in areas I need to function.

This got me thinking. How can I continue to support the things I care without burning myself out and impairing my daily life? The answer I found is to dive deeper into these subjects, learn more, and talk less, but in a richer manner. Because, I found out that I'm not knowledgeable enough to discuss the things at the depth I want to discuss, and counter the arguments I receive with the clarity I crave for.

On the other hand, I'll commit more into the things I care. I'll be more strict about licensing my software, and where I host and serve said software. I may write more about these subjects in this blog, and voice my objections more frequently, but in a more kinder and easier to understand language.

More importantly, I've found out that these turn of events have created the spark I have been missing for a long time. Settling into a comfortable software stack and unintentionally locking myself into a bubble has isolated me from the events which were taking place around me. I feel like I'm awaken from a long slumber. I think I can use this newfound energy and motivation for good things.

Hope to see you around,

Be kind.