Tools, craftsmanship and mastery

There are things which mesmerizes me, with no end. One of them is watching humble people who are good at what they're doing. Being calm, confident and efficient while doing high quality work has a particular charm to it, regardless of the discipline they're in.

Honestly, I have been studying these people on and off for quite some time. It's not a scientific study, but more of an informed observation, and I think I have found the things which makes these people tick.

Most important of all is, these people are devoted to their crafts. They like what they're doing with a well refined love, with a deep respect added at healthy amounts. When they start working on something, this feeling emanates from them. A deep concentration with a subtle sense of joy, combined with unwavering professionalism and focus for high quality results become palpable in the air around them.

Almost all these people are doing their crafts for a long time. They are used to ins and outs and peculiar details of their crafts. They don't get puzzled when something goes different than they expect, because they know what to do. They adjust and continue. This is rooted on experience per my observations. They know what might happen and what might not, and are mentally prepared at every step.

Another common thing among these people are tool usage habits. The tools they use are well worn. They might be handed down from a generation earlier, or are using what they got for a long time. In every case the craft and the tool has evolved and transformed together, expanding what's possible with the tool and the craft itself. Even another person who get the very same tool can't use it the same way, because the tool at hand requires mastery and experience to wield that efficiently and productively.

Last but not the least, these craftsman solve some of their problems once, and for all. Tools get fixed, methods solidified, procedures perfected. They internalize the things they do in a manner which limits them in numbers but maximizes in flexibility. They can get a new technique if what they have doesn't fit the bill, but they'll try to evolve what they have first. As a result, these people build a deep wisdom, appreciation and feeling for what they do, how they do and the results they get. This makes them distinguished individuals with a different sense about what they do, the results they get, the knowledge they embody and transfer to others.

These kinds of people deserve to be observed by hours on end with delight and a keen interest on what they do, and how they achieve what they achieve.

And honestly, I aspire to be one of these people.

Maybe we should all aspire to be like that at some point, I have no idea.

Until next time,

Be kind.